Thursday, February 13, 2014

presidents' day reading list

since noah is on a US presidents kick, and we've been reading lots of president-related books around here, i thought i'd share a few of our favorites in time for presidents' day.

we love all the books by ingri and edgar parin d'aulaire.  they are a really talented duo!  their subject matter is a funny mix: scandinavian folklore, greek and norse mythology, and american history.  they have great books on abraham lincoln and george washington.  (also on ben franklin, columbus and pocahontas!)

another great one, and one of noah's all-time favorites, is what presidents are made of by hanoch piven.  noah absolutely loves the clever illustrations in this one!  there is a new version that even includes obama.

we just ordered history busters: the truth (and myths) about the presidents from noah's book order at school.  he loves this kind of fact/myth book, and likes to quiz us.

and lastly is so you want to be president by judith st. george and illustrated by david small.  this one won the caldecott.

we've also been playing a very old-fashioned US presidents bingo game we got at a yard sale.  it's funny to try to describe the images of the presidents in a creative and not-too-derogetory way.  like, "does anyone have the guy with poofy white hair and creepy eyes?"  or, "does anyone have one of the many short and chubby guys in a suit?"  or, my favorite, "does anyone have the guy who looks like a ghost?" (poor andrew jackson.)

happy presidents' day!

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