Monday, February 17, 2014

living like the rest of the country

the kids have been longing for snow--real, cold, fluffy, deep, sled-able, snowball-worthy snow.  the two mini snowy days we've had so far have not counted.  so we packed up piles of boots and coats and hats and extra coats and mittens and socks and snacks and drove the very long hour to mount baker.  it was clear and warm when we left bellingham but started snowing as we got close to the mountain.  and at the ski area it was nearly a blizzard!  seriously.  it was frigid, snowing and every so often a biting wind would whip through the sledding bowl area and make little ezzie tuck his runny nose and red cheeks into my body.  poor little guy!

but somehow, we survived, and some people sledded a bit, and no one got frostbite.  but i'm not really sure i would say we had fun...  i will say we had lots of laundry when we got home!

innocent little bundled up boy.  just wait!

this is not fun!

aaron just read this post, and, laughing, said, "but you can't tell from those pictures how extreme it was!"  which is true.  so try to picture this scene set in a remote arctic crater with very steep sides, where every step you take uses up vital energy and where at any time one could be lost under the snow or blown away in a windstorm never to be seen again.  we were lucky to get out alive!  :) 

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