Monday, February 17, 2014

hearts, hearts and more hearts

with a five year old girl in the house, you can't not make lots of heart-shaped things for the weeks surrounding valentine's day.  so why not embrace it?

cookies for a kindergarten valentine's day party
(pink) heart patch on (pink) shirt
cool pop-up card noah made for us at school

felt hearts (still need to make an "e" one for ezra, poor guy)
the kids made and hung these heart baskets on their doorknob the night before valentine's day, and woke to some treats in the basket and a new book under their pillows.   the heart basket template is from the toymaker.  the helmet is for general safety.
isla's valentine to herself.  we made these fabric-hearts-on-paper valentines for her classmates.  she chose this one for herself, but didn't want to write "to isla from isla," so i had to write "to isla from mama," while she dictated.  funny girl!
heart-shaped pizza.  not lovely in a photo.  also rainier beer is a staple valentine's treat, didn't you know?
heart-shaped cake!  with strawberries!  and licking the frosting off the beater!  hooray!
isla's dolly, light, checks out the cake.  isla told us that light's fourth birthday coincided with valentine's day, so she joined us for cake and blew out a candle.  what a lucky doll!  (and quite young looking for her four years...)

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