Monday, October 21, 2013

reading right now

since ezra has been sleeping in the big kids' room, aaron and i have been really enjoying reading in bed again!  i still haven't graduated to reading anything too substantial, but i'm enjoying some lighter reads.  i've been mixing it up between classic YA books and a few humorous non-fiction types.  in the YA category are:

the extraordinary education of nicholas benedict by trenton lee stewart (the newest one in this series, which is great)
breadcrumbs by anne ursu
counting by 7s by holly goldberg sloan
flora and ulysses by kate dicamillo
and next on the docket is to reread the giver series by lois lowry.  (she has a newish book in the series that i haven't read yet.)

in the funny non-fiction category are:

my heart is an idiot by davy rothbart (which i loved!  so funny and good!  i also saw him read recently at our local bookstore.  he's great.)
is everyone hanging out without me? by mindy kaling (so funny!)
dad is fat by jim gaffigan (laugh out loud funny!!)
let's explore diabetes with owls by david sedaris (a bit more serious, but honest and touching)

for read-aloud time as a family we've been mixing in more chapter books with the picture books, and really enjoying the anticipation of what will come next.  our very very favorite new series has been the goony bird books by lois lowry.  she is such a funny and clever main character!!  the whole family loves them.  we've also listened to them all on audiobook (over and over!) and no one has tired of these stories yet.

other current favorites include the moffatsmilly molly mandy and the noisy village stories.

for her birthday isla received:
anna the bookbinder
ivy loves to give
the ox-cart man
she is also loving the crafty chloe books

noah spent this weekend reading about 20 donald duck comic books from the library.  he thinks donald duck is so funny!  he is also still working his way through the set of jack and annie books from grandma louise.

ezra is an avid reader these days as well.  his favorites are simple board books with pictures he recognizes.  he really likes the dwell studios books (one on vehicles and one on food).  also anything with birds or planes!

aaron was reading the history of europe (but kept falling asleep!).  now he is reading a dan brown book that seems a bit more riveting.  and for his birthday irene and kevan gave him the book by nick offerman, so that will add some humor to the mix!

any recommendations from webside?