Thursday, June 06, 2013

"Woodworking With Mr. Bandstra"

At the end of April Noah's school had Creative Arts Week, where parents were invited to come teach/demonstrate to the kids about an art or craft they are involved with.  Aaron knew he wanted to do something woodworking-related with Noah's class, and after thinking a bit, he came up with the idea of making chalkboard slates with the kids.  They had just finished a big unit on the pioneers, so it was fun for them to make something similar to what a pioneer child might have used in school.

He painted all the panels with chalkboard paint and made all the frame pieces for each slate ahead of time.  The kids then painted wood glue into the grooves in the frame pieces, and then fitted all their pieces together like a puzzle, and then hammered them together with a mallet.  They loved it!

He also did a little demonstration on a few different types of wood and what they look like, and then planed them and let the kids smell and feel the shavings and compare.  A little dusty, but lots of fun!

 This display was in the hallway for a while after Creative Arts Week.  I love the creative use of wood shavings!

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

last day of first grade!

today was noah's last day of first grade.  can you believe it?  i remember dropping him off at the bus stop for the first time last fall, and totally tearing up as i watched my little boy climb aboard with those other kids we barely knew.

now my "little" boy is probably literally half a foot taller, and knows every kid in his school by name, and is completely comfortable in that community.  this morning, on his last ride of the year, the bus driver told him he could sit wherever he wanted.  (usually first graders have to stay in the first few rows.)  he immediately headed to the very last row, smiling from ear to ear.

the back of the bus is so exciting! 
a goodbye hug from the world's greatest teacher!
we are so very glad we chose evergreen for our kids.  it is a really uniquely small, creative and caring environment where the love that the teachers and staff have for the children is totally obvious.  and mostly, we have been so blessed to experience the world's best first grade teacher ever!  miss wentzel, we'll all miss you!  luckily, we will have another first grader in a few years...

now, what to do with our summer?