Monday, May 18, 2009

spring showers

the rhododendrons are blooming! and it's rainy, rainy, rainy, with a few intermittent sunny days. i'm not sure about that whole "april showers" rhyme. maybe in our case may showers will bring june flowers... and strawberries, and lettuce and sunshine.

what have we been up to lately?

noah and isla are getting into yard-kayaking. it's a very exciting sport. (aaron traded his coworker a custom cabinet for this kayak. we tried it out last weekend and it's lots of fun!)

aaron hung a swing for isla in the holly tree, and she loves it. (please note our tiny squashes growing in the bed under the tree.)

naked baby cozy in mama's bed!

isla munching a teething biscuit. she is very much enjoying eating food these days. she especially loves to feed herself, and is getting pretty good at the pincer grasp.

isla is trying to figure out how to crawl. she often gets herself into this or a similar position, and can't quite get out of it.

noah got this cool barn for his birthday. thanks, grandma louise, great grandma katie and grandma helen! he loves the pulley thing on the side that takes hay up to the loft. also, vehicles sometimes end up in the loft. (and here i thought i'd snuck in a toy that didn't have to do with cars or trucks...)
two kids in a box. we finally said goodbye to the dishwasher box, but it did provide hours of fun.

noah is a hard worker in the yard. he'll spend a long time digging, loading, dumping and starting over again. he has his sandbox and a designated dirt digging area, and thankfully he is pretty respectful of the plants. let's hope we can say the same for isla!

avocados. i love her eyebrows in this picture!

more swinging!
riding the bus to fairhaven. we've done this a lot lately. noah loves the bus.

silly girl with many toys at grandma's house.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

couch crazy

an earthquake rocks the futon, and is apparently hilarious.  also please note how noah has not one, not two but THREE pacifiers.  ahem.

Friday, May 01, 2009

we're goin' to the zoo...

a few weeks ago the kids and i went to the greater vancouver zoo with grandpa, uncle colin, aunt nicole, aunt jess, kate and john spencer. it's a really fun place--lots of space for the kids to run around and climb, a train ride around the zoo, a great playground, a big garden, etc. i almost felt like the animals were secondary, though they were fun to see too.

noah and kate climbed, ran, climbed, hopped in and out of strollers, checked out animals and climbed some more. i'm pretty sure they had a great time.

standing on one foot like flamingos.

waiting for the train to come--good thing grandpa was there to keep noah safe!

family visit

some of my east coast family was here recently for a visit. we had lots of good old fashioned bellingham fun, and we had AMAZING weather! it was really ideal. i'm sure it rained as soon as they drove away.
we spent a lovely leisurely afternoon at boulevard park. here's isla lou with grandma louise.

and here she is with great grandma katie.

aunt tiff and i did some biking with the kids...

and hiked up sehome hill.

and of course we had a chaotic family breakfast at nelson's!

followed by a glare-y family photo shoot outside. here are some cousins (chris, molly, danielle and me) and four generations of meyer women: me, oma, isla and my mom.