Tuesday, March 30, 2010

why i love bellingham

bellingham is one of many, many cities applying to get google to test their ultra-high speed broadband network here.  the community is overwhelmingly in support of this effort; check out this blog to see some of the creative attempts folks have come up with in the effort to woo google.
my very favorite is the above video.  the little girl is the daughter of a local musician, and they live in our neighborhood.  it’s neat because i recognize almost all the landscapes in the video, and i actually really believe the cheesy message is true.  i love this town!
(while i’m sure having google’s super fast service would be useful to many of bellingham’s industries, my experience of this video and the whole campaign is more basic.  it’s just really cool to see everyone come together to tell the world why we all love this town!)
also, for those of you who really are interested in a little video peek into some of the places we visit regularly, check out this episode of inside bellingham to see our new and improved franklin park and our new whatcom museum!

Friday, March 26, 2010

we've moved!

check over here.

happy spring, everyone!


spring fever is hitting hard around here. new computer, new blog, new garden beds, new organizational methodologies... new perspective!

i am really trying to abide by the william morris quote above. i have been ruthlessly parting with things that i find neither useful nor beautiful. i am selectively adding things that are one or the other of the above. (or both!) i feel like i’m on the way to feeling at home in our home, which has been a long time coming. and oddly, doesn’t involve normal amenities like window trim or kitchen drawers!

what i am most excited about is my lovely new craft space. after many frustrations at having to hunt around for craft supplies, set everything up, and then have no energy left to actually create anything before it was necessary to put it all away again.... we have come up with a new semi-permanent crafting corner for me (and a little bit for the kids too) in our home.

(i would complain to aaron, “but you have a whole shop in the back. i don’t have any space!” and he would reply, “you can build a shop in the front yard...” sure.)

so we came to a compromise that involved some found cabinets and doors, a new laminate countertop, some old bookshelves and lots of paint. now i just have to figure out how to organize things the best way!

(aaron teases me that he’s going to call it my mini-storage, given its current state of disarray.)

i’ll post more pictures as things get organized around here.

and good luck to you all with your spring cleaning too!