Thursday, February 27, 2014

fun with uncle colin and aunt nicole

my kids are so lucky to have a super fun and competent aunt and uncle duo just over the border.  the kids spent last weekend with uncle colin and aunt "cole," having tons of fun.  this fun included, but was not limited to: going to the library, watching olympics on the big screen, eating a "super healthy" lunch at mcdonald's, crafting, getting manicures (if you're isla), playing lots of games, making cookies, reading stories, and (if you're ezra) learning how to say, "go canana!"  
(thanks to C and N for all the great pics.)

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Grandma Bev said...

Very cute pics of very cute kids! If we mention Uncle Colin to Ezzie, he lights up and says, "Aunt Cole!" Noah and
Isla would like Uncle Colin to be their teacher!