Thursday, July 26, 2007

nursing celebrity

okay, it's time to confess: i check babyrazzi on a daily basis. it's a celebrity baby blog and i admit i'm hooked. i love to see all the hollywood moms and dads with their fashionable little ones. (we all have secret obsessions, right?)

anyway, the newest post on babyrazzi is of new mom eva herzigova nursing her son george. there are some lovely pictures and i'm always psyched to see pictures of moms and babies nursing. the captions are in german, but you get the idea!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

here they came a-wasselling

after months and months of excitement and preparation for the wassells to come visit, it finally happened! all six of them were here for almost two weeks in early july, and we had a wonderful time together. noah really loved following the big boys around and being followed by little asher. it was great to see how all the boys work and play together, and it was fairly easy for noah to join into the fray. i know he misses benny, eli, jude and asher a lot now, and always smiles and laughs at their pictures.

aaron took a whole week off during the wassell visit, so we had a great family vacation time, jam-packed with adventure. we began with a festive fourth of july party in a neighborhood park, where the wassells got to meet many of our and noah's friends. here are noah and asher sharing some watermelon:

of course we made a trip down to the harbor to see the boat, and though the rigging isn't up yet aaron gave the boys a small motor-ride around the harbor. here we are motoring up to the dock:
we also bought some live crabs from grumpy dan's crab boat, which the boys played with at home in the bathtub for a while. they were given names (flunky and mr. wimple, i believe) and we said sad goodbyes as aaron dropped them into boiling water and he, chris and scott devoured them dipped in butter. (i agreed with the boys: yuck!)

we also did some crafting, and everyone made their own animal shirt with freezer paper stencils. noah had a turkey (due to jude calling him turkey instead of turtle), we made an elephant for little henry back in beverly, benny made a crab, eli made a wolf, jude made a bear, and scott made a butterfly.

we biked around town and around lopez island. jude fell in love with noah's bike seat, which he called the "green seat," and noah didn't mind jude having a turn.

we took lots of walks and wagon rides around the neighborhood, most of which stopped at nelson's market for penny candy.

we went for an awesome three-day biking and camping trip on lopez island, the nearest of the san juan islands, where we saw wild bunnies, eagles, great blue herons and a jellyfish. we spent a day lounging and creating on spencer spit beach--chris, eli and jude made a faerie house; aaron, scott, benny and eli made a driftwood raft; aaron made a driftwood chair and the wassells made a rock rainbow. noah and asher munched on driftwood and rocks. we even made it to storytime at the lopez island library.

after we returned from the island we headed north to b.c., where we swam and lounged at grandma and grandpa bandstra's house in ladner for a day, and then headed into vancouver for a busy day of city activities. i'm sure the boys would say the highlight was seeing the beautiful beluga whales at the vancouver aquarium...

but for me the highlight was definitely the melt-in-your-mouth scones made by the french pastry chef for high tea at the hotel vancouver. christina and i had tea with jessica thistle and aaron's sister irene, and we all agreed it was one of the loveliest things ever. we also had a great lunch picnic in stanley park with the thistles, the boys took a train ride in the park, and we had yummy indian food and arcade fun at granville island. here we are in grandma and grandpa's backyard:

what a lovely two weeks! we all had such a fun time with chris, scott, benny, eli, jude and asher, and hope that it won't be too long until we see them again. i felt lucky to get to know the boys a bit better and for them to know noah. (i think they all understood him better than aaron and i do!)

though the house is empty of wassells now, i keep finding little wassell treasures hidden in dark corners (like eli's red underwear hanging from my bookshelf). wassells, we miss you!

lots more wasselling pictures here. also a video of the driftwood raft adventure here.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

shake it (a movie)

wherein noah has a dance party with his godmother, jessica.

Friday, July 13, 2007

pirate disaster (a movie)

benny and eli are taken captive by rogue pirate dads on a shaky raft off lopez island.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

boat launch

this weekend aaron launched the boat he's been working on for nearly two years now... and it floated! (not that i thought it wouldn't...) it was a very exciting day. the boat is beautiful and looks so at home in the water, and aaron looks so at home on the boat. soon he will have the rigging up and the motor in, and we'll figure out how to sail as a family.

and there will be an official launch party later in the summer, with a boat blessing, a champagne bottle smashed on the bow, and the revealing of her name. details to come! (more pictures here.)