Monday, October 22, 2012

fall yard clean-up

this weekend aaron and the kids spent a few hours on fall yard clean-up.  at some point isla came in for the camera to document the event.  these are the photos i uploaded later.

most of the fun in our family seems to end in someone getting hurt.  poor kiddo!

Friday, October 12, 2012

how tall this fall? and last fall?

fall 2012
fall 2011

fall 2012
fall 2011

fall 2012
(what is it that is so intriguing about photos of children running 
down the mysterious rows of a corn maze?)

fall 2011
 (also, wasn't little three year old isla so cute???  she seems so grown-up now in comparison.)

fall books

a few books we're enjoying this fall:

isla loves alphabet books right now, and this one has lots of interesting information about apples.

the paper cut illustrations are awesome, and the story is so cute!  and a great way to learn about how seeds travel.
this book is AMAZING.  so so sweet!  and a great way to learn where different animals spend the winter.

this is not a fall book, but it's really cute!  there are a few meeow books, and they are all great.   in praise of imagination!  and good for noah to read to isla.
and this one is for me.  i love davy rothbart's voice, and i can hear it narrating as i read this book.  he is really funny.